Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newport News Meet & Greet

Volunteers and 6 greyt hounds had fun and spread the word at VAGA's monthly meet and greet in Newport News. It was a beautiful day and lots of folks stopped by to see the hounds. Paws are crossed for applications! Please join us next month for some greyhound fun and help us find forever homes for hounds who are waiting!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Lucky Seven

On Sept 27th Seven Lucky Greyhounds will be arriving from Orlando, Florida. Joan did another awesome job of finding us just the right greyhounds. This is one nice group of hounds. Jimbo Frank is one of the greyhounds coming up. If his name sounds familiar to you, it's because we brought up his brother, Jimbo Danny in July. We are so happy that the two brothers will be able to see each other from time to time. They were very close when they were in the kennel together. Please keep the dogs and the hauler in your thoughts as they make the trip up from Florida. Thank you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nike Enjoys A Challenge

Nike ( Jimbo Monday) showed everyone that yes, greyhounds can sit. She went to obedience school with mom & dad. She passed the basic class and then went on to pass the novice class. She was the only greyhound in either class. Erik and Catherine are very proud of Nike and so are we!

Midnight Arrives In Virginia!

Midnight, the Galgo from Spain arrived in Virginia on Sept 10th safe and sound. Mark & Jen are very happy to finally have their new boy home with them. They have been waiting for over six months. It took the help of many volunteers to get him to Virginia and we send out a heart felt thank you to everyone! Midnight is such a loving and gentle boy and we are so proud to have him a part of our VAGA family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seven Days And Counting

We are all VERY excited. Next Wednesday a very special Galgo ( Spanish Greyhound)will be arriving from Spain. His name is Midnight. Last Oct, Midnight was brought to Scooby Medina in horrific shape. He was all bones and very close to death. With much care, love and time he is now very healthy and ready to join his wonderful forever family here in Virginia. He is being adopted by Mark & Jen Britto. They adopted a Galgo named Jack last November and have been waiting patiently for Midnight's arrival. If all goes as planned, you will be able to meet Midnight at the VAGA Picnic on Sept 20th. Hurry home Midnight...MANY people are anxious to meet you!