Friday, March 25, 2011

Greyhounds and Cats?

As a greyhound owner you've probably come across "What great dogs, but how are they with cats." We've all heard it or some variation. It's heard at Meet & Greets, special functions and events or just a walk around the neighborhood. I will be the first to tell you, all greys are not good around cats or small creatures. Is there a percentage who are? Certainly, what that percentage is I'm not sure. I think it's fair to say that more are cat friendly than not. If I were to put a number on it I'd say 80% plus. It's not a scientific number just a guesstimate.

To try and help everyone out, especially the M & G volunteers, we asked to have you send in photos of your cats and greys together. The following video is a collection of those photos. The next time somebody brings up the question, send them over to the blog to have a look for themselves.

A big thanks to all those who sent in their photos.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Madness?

Two words that send College Basketball fanatics into delirium and the rest of the world wishing it were April already.
I'm not writing about my picks for the Final Four but I will tell you the names of the newest four joining the VAGA family.
They are: Boc's Gib It All, El Kan Missy, Langfuhr, and Tango Missy.
They will be arriving Saturday March 5th thanks to Gary and Jon who will be their escorts up I95.
Thanks for making that trip you two, have a safe journey.