Monday, June 22, 2009

June Haul

Five happy greyhounds will be arriving in Virginia on Saturday, June 27th. It's too hot this time of year to bring them up in a hauler so they will be riding in style by personal vehicles. Volunteers from Florida will load up the hounds and drive all night. They will meet the VAGA volunteers in Wilson, NC at 7:00am. Once the switch is made the dogs will arrive in Virginia around 10:30. Please welcome RJ's Fred M, Kebo Karen, Laced Decal, Van's Chi Chi and Task Fifty Fifty. Thank you to all the people who worked together to make this happen. Have a safe trip!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Round for the Hounds 2009

How do you measure the success of an event? Is it the money you raise, the turnout of people, things going off without a hitch, the weather? Each is important by itself, but one must incorporate all the factors to some degree. We tend to focus on the money because it is called a fundraising event so let me start there. Sometimes I forget as to why we hold this event, it's about the dogs. Many of the players are VAGA members, the rest come out to support us but may not know what the money is for. Every penny we raise goes towards these dogs, from vetting to transportation, adoption, and everything in between. Those Mulligan packages and raffle tickets you purchased help us meet these goals. So let me thank you all for your tremendous support.

The turnout, well it was a sellout. Things going off without a hitch, almost.
The weather........if you were there last year......80 is better than 100.
For all of you who prayed to the weather gods, a BIG Thank You.

To our Sponsors and Donators, a thank you hardly seems adequate. You all are what drive the auction and raffle tables, and furnish the prizes. Without you we could not pull this off.

To the volunteers and those working behind the scenes: you all are simply the Best.
Greyhound folks ROCK.

Now to the winners:

First Place, with a score of 61: Anderson, Gordon, Kidd, Montemayor.
Second Place, with a score of 65: Corder, Kolak, Licklighter, Spano.
Third Place, also with a score of 65: Hardy, Joseph, Malloy, Shevitz.
Longest Drive: Hardy.
Closest to the Pin: Jones.

Congratulations to you all.

There is one more group that would like to thank you.
It is that group of greyhounds whose lifes you just changed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life Is Greyt

A few weeks ago we welcomed four beautiful seniors as they arrived in our beautiful state of Virginia. Bunny, Doublecross and brothers Timmy & Tommy were all adopted into loving forever homes. They had been at a farm for many years.

We thought you would like to know that all four greyhounds are doing great. They are being spoiled and pampered. They are loved.

Thank you to everyone that worked together to make this happen.