Monday, June 9, 2008

A Round for the Hounds 2008

This was our 3rd Golf Tournament and I am pleased to report that this years event was our most successful yet. With the state of the present economy this could only have been accomplished with a lot of hard work by my dedicated support staff. This group has some of the best volunteers in greyhound adoption, bar none. You all are the best. Be proud of it. I would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support. Many of you have supported us from the beginning, while some of you have just come on board. In either case, we would like you to know that 100% of your contributions go to further our cause in helping this gentle breed. To all the many companies who donated countless items, we thank you for your generosity. You are a very intricate part of our tournament. Your items are the fuel for or raffle and auction tables. Lastly, a note to all the players who came out and supported us. Your open hearts and open check books put this tournament on a scale I could not have imagined 3 years ago. My deepest thanks to you all.

As for the tournament itself.....well you had to be there. To say it was hot would be an understatement. This was dangerous heat. I am thankful that we only had one incident involving medical assistance. That person has fully recovered. Our crew of volunteers tirelessly shuttled water out all day. The players expressed their thanks for that.

The big winners for First Place were: Hondula, Koch, Pease, and Rice with a team score of 60. It took 4 tie breakers to determine that.

Second Place, also with a score of 60: DeMilo, Hepburn, Morrissett, and Prichett.

Third Place, with a score of 61: Anderson, De Tejo, Kidd, and Montemayor.

Longest Drive went to John Clegg. Closest to the pin was Ashley Durbin. Congratulations to all those winners.

The remaining winners are the greyhounds we have not yet met.
Thanks again to everyone involved in making this event the success that it was.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank the Board for putting their faith and trust in me to run free with this thing.

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Awesome day, awesome job, awesome video!