Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our First Fosters Grille Fundraiser Night

Hamburgers! Fries! Chicken Wings! Good friends and Stella the Greyhound....sounds like a recipe for a fun night. VAGA held the first Fundraiser at Fosters Grille in Fredericksburg tonight. It was a great success. Not only did we raise some money for the greyhounds but we also were able to spread the word about this special breed of dog. Many thanks to Fosters Grille for all their support. The owners and staff are the greatest group of people. We also want to thank everyone who came out tonight for this new event. We hope you had a fun time. And of course we can't forget Stella. She was giving out kisses to everyone who came by to meet her. Way to work the crowd, girl!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greyhounds In Gettysburg

Greyhounds In Gettysburg was a big success! VAGA's vending tables were very popular with the shoppers. We stayed busy from the minute we were open for business! As you can see from the pictures we also offered to trim nails ( dogs only...Ha Ha Ha) for a donation. Carolyn and Kristen worked VERY hard triming nails for hours and hours. Many times they had a line of waiting greyhounds. They never stopped smiling while triming, even through they ached from bending all day.

We could not have asked for nicer weather and we thank all our wonderful volunteers that came out to help. We sure had a lot of fun. It was wonderful to see so many happy and beautiful greyhounds. We look forward to vending again next year at GIG.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fosters Grille Meet & Greet

Today was our first Meet & Greet at Fosters Grille at Southpointe. Even though the weather was not the best we talked with several people. The greys are like magnets, they just drew the people to them. The two handsome boys are Thunder and Harry, and the beautiful girls are Lori and Tawny.

Fosters Grille Get Together

Please join us at Fosters Grille this Wednesday April 30th from 4pm-9pm for dinner. From 4pm-9pm anything Fosters sells VAGA will get 20%, the only catch you must tell them you want to support Virgina Greyhound Adoption. Please come out, have some fun, be with friends, eat some good food and support VAGA all at the same time. If you don't want to eat dinner come on out anyway. We still need some voulunteers to man the doors and outside parking lot.

Fosters Grille
Southpointe Plaza in front of Lowes.
April 30th 4pm-9pm

Hope to see you there.
Click here for directions.

Newspaper Article on Retired Racers

Please check out the latest article in the Free Lance Star on Retired Racers here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expedia Up-Date

GREAT NEWS....Expedia has been officially adopted by Sally & Phil Huxtable. For those of you who have not had a chance to meet this loving family, they are wonderful people. They have two super daughters, two funny cats and a senior greyhound named Soleil. They fell in love with Expedia from the moment they met her and have wanted to help her in any way possible. They have been taking good care of her. Expedia became a permanent member of the Huxtable family two weeks ago.

Expedia's leg is getting stronger. Dr. Bradley is very pleased at how well her leg's healing has progressed. It will be a long time before she is able to run, however, she is able to enjoy nice walks outdoors. Our little Expedia has a problem in her other back foot that will need a vet's care but we'll tackle that once her "injured leg" is strong enough to handle it. We are so grateful that we were able to get this gentle girl up to Virginia to get her the care that she needed. Can you imagine how much pain she would have had to live with if she had been put into the breeding program?

Again, thanks to everyone for your support. You may go to the web page tracker to see how close we are to our fundraising goal. Any donations to help this kind little greyhound will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Greyhounds In Gettysburg

VAGA will be vending once again at Greyhounds In Gettysburg ( GIG ) in Pennsylvania. GIG is a packed filled event with shopping, seminars and many fun activities for your greyhounds. We will be vending on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. If you are going to attend this fun event, please stop by and see what unique items VAGA has to sell. We are also asking for volunteers to help us "man" the tables. Thank you and see you all there.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19th Florida Haul

On April 19th 6 Greyhounds left Florida heading North to their forever homes. One grey will reside in Fredericksburg, 4 in Northern Va and one will head to PA. It was a long day for the hounds but they were excited to meet their new families. To see the adoption photos go to the VAGA home page. Posted here is a slide show of the little ones on their journey. Welcome Home!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Night with Dr. Couto

If you've never heard of Dr. Couto he is the veterinary equivalent of the Dog Whisperer. When he speaks you can't help but listen. He is articulate, intelligent, captivating, accessible, and down to earth. If it has to do with greyhounds, there is no better source for medical information. Dr. Guillermo Couto is a DVM Diplomate ACVIM, and professor at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences of the Ohio State University. Dr. Couto is a world-renown veterinarian, with speaking engagements around the world. He is a leading researcher fighting osteosarcoma in greyhounds. We have put links in the left hand column to the Greyhound Wellness Program at Ohio State University, and encourage you to check them out.
The 3rd R.O.C. Dessert party was held April 12. It's sole purpose is to raise funds to continue Dr. Couto's work at OSU. I'm not good with estimates, but it appeared to be a crowd of over 80 people in attendance. There were desserts for everyone's taste. Door prizes, raffles, and plenty of auction items decorated the Pup N' Iron in Stafford, Va. Hounds were welcome and it seemed at least 20 showed up, along with our mascot for the event "Abbey."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dahlgren Picnic

Greyhounds, and the people they own, had a greyt time at the Dahlgren Picnic today. The weather was a bit cool but it did not deter the hounds, there were those who got in the pool anyway. It was the perfect place for the hounds. There was greyt food, good friends and the hounds had the time of their lives. A big greyhound Thank Roo to Judy Smith for putting this together.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet Abby

Good news....Rex, Linda and Jeff Coble soon will be adopting this adorable little female. Meet PK's Good Times aka ABBY. Abby is one lucky girl. She arrived in Virginia yesterday with the help of many good people. The Cobles have been in our thoughts and we hope Abby will help their hearts heal. Welcome Abby to the VAGA Family.

Another Lucky Greyhound

Well, we did it again. We added another greyhound to the haul at the last minute. What can we say.......she was just too good to pass up. She's a pretty black female that loves people! She is a love. Meet Aurora Sunrise aka Cleo. She will be going into a foster home. Please let us know if you know someone who may want to adopt this gem.

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 19th Haul

VAGA is working on a small haul. The greyhounds are set to come up on April 19th. We placed 18 hounds in February and another 10 in March so bringing up 4 greyhounds seems to be a bit "calmer". Our volunteers really stepped up to the plate to help make these past few months come together! Please welcome this nice group of greyhounds to Virginia and keep them in your thoughts for a safe trip north.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VAGA Girls Went to Sandy Paws

A group of VAGA girls (and some of their greyhounds) went to Sandy Paws in Jekyll Island, GA. It's a wonderful greyhound event that was packed with vendors, seminars and auctions. It was a ten hour drive but definitely worth the trip. We enjoyed shopping, walking on the beach, attended many seminars, watched the Dancing Gilley Girls.... we just had a blast. Two of the seminars that we were able to attend were given by Dr.Couto from OSU. He is an awesome speaker and his knowledge of the greyhound breed is amazing. He has agreed to come and speak to our group about his research on Greyhounds. We are just working on getting a date set. Enjoy the pictures!