Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Turned Off The Heat??

You have to wonder what is going thru their minds. After just leaving the Sunshine State, with temps in the 80's, being smacked in the face with a temperature of only 22 must have made them wonder....(PSSSSST, they told us we were going to our forever homes, where there were kind people who would care for us. There would be sofas and beds, treats and toys, people to spoil us.....Did the driver make a wrong turn????).

Shivering bodies and cold shocked dogs was the norm of the morning. When the hauler arrived the troops kicked into action with precision accuracy. As each new VAGA member stepped out into the frosty air they were surrounded, unmuzzled, tagged, collared, remuzzled, and walked. All in the attempt to get everyone, two and four legged, into the warmer confines of the clubhouse. The place where the spoiling would begin. The place where the greyhound's greatest asset arrives, their uncanny ability to quickly adapt to any situation. This is also the place where your heart is forever transformed.

Hopefully, after a day or two of settling in, the thoughts of a wrong turn will be just that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time For Another Haul

YIPPEE, the details of the haul are finally set. Joan had her work cut out for her this time but we pulled everything together. Pat will pick up our six greyhounds and begin the trip north on Friday evening. They will arrive in Virginia early Saturday morning.

Hammie Hodge and Erin Donavan will get off in Richmond where Michelle will be waiting to pick them up. She will take them home, get them settled in and will hold their adoption late Saturday morning.

The remaining four greyhounds ( LL White Mocha, Canuspareatwenty, Regall Nashland, U Too Hop Sing) will finish the trip north where their families will be waiting anxiously for their arrival.

Please keep Pat and our greys in your thoughts.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hotel For Dogs M&G

VAGA had an exciting time at the premier for the movie "Hotel For Dogs "at the Staunton Mall on Jan 17th. Many people were happily surprised to walk into the theater and see some beautiful greyhounds. The greyhounds sure enjoyed all the celebrity attention they were given! What a fun way to introduce the public to this gentle breed.

Chantilly M&G

The volunteers in the Chantilly area got together on Dec 28th and had a great time at the Petsmart M&G. What a way to relax after the holidays...spending time with friends and spreading the word about our wonderful greyhounds. They are a friendly group of VAGA volunteers and they would love for you to join in the fun at the next M&G in Chantilly on Jan 25th. See you all there!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Boys Who Care

Since adopting Ginger & Abby, two retired racing greyhounds, the Thorne family's life has not been the same. They have discovered how much this breed means to them and they want to do all they can to help save more retired racers. Zach Thorne ( 6 years old) decided he wanted to do his part to help the hounds and quickly came up with a plan. Zach decided he would collect money to help the greyhounds in Orlando. He began with donating money he had been saving for a long time. Zach's younger brother, Corey,was in the giving spirit too. He quickly broke into his piggy bank and donated his hard earned money as well.

Zach also collected money from friends and family. What a wonderful surprise it was for VAGA when we opened a card from the Thorne family to find a very kind note, accompanied by a check representing the personal donations by Zach and Corey, as well as the money Zach worked so hard to collect.

VAGA thanks you Zach and Corey. The money will help feed the dogs in Florida and provide medicine if they get sick. You are very caring and loving boys. We know your parents are extremely proud of you both. We are too. Ginger and Abby are so lucky to have such a wonderful family to take care of them.

We can't wait to see you boys at the next VAGA event so we can give you lots of hugs and a big HIGH FIVE!!! Also, please give our thanks to all of your friends and family members who also donated to help the greyhounds.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VAGA's New Happy" Boarders"

What a way to start the 2009 year! Meet the next group of VAGA sponsored greyhounds at the GPA Orlando Kennel. They all have great personalities and are anxiously waiting for their forever homes. If you have thought of adopting another greyhound, this would be the perfect time to take the plunge. Take an extra glance at Happiness. She is an eight year old brood mama. But don't let her age fool you, Happiness is an active little girl. Do not let her hear you call her a "senior".

Thank you all for your support in this endeavor to help our precious Orlando greyhounds. Look into the eyes of each one of these beautiful faces and ask yourself..."how could we not."