Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Turned Off The Heat??

You have to wonder what is going thru their minds. After just leaving the Sunshine State, with temps in the 80's, being smacked in the face with a temperature of only 22 must have made them wonder....(PSSSSST, they told us we were going to our forever homes, where there were kind people who would care for us. There would be sofas and beds, treats and toys, people to spoil us.....Did the driver make a wrong turn????).

Shivering bodies and cold shocked dogs was the norm of the morning. When the hauler arrived the troops kicked into action with precision accuracy. As each new VAGA member stepped out into the frosty air they were surrounded, unmuzzled, tagged, collared, remuzzled, and walked. All in the attempt to get everyone, two and four legged, into the warmer confines of the clubhouse. The place where the spoiling would begin. The place where the greyhound's greatest asset arrives, their uncanny ability to quickly adapt to any situation. This is also the place where your heart is forever transformed.

Hopefully, after a day or two of settling in, the thoughts of a wrong turn will be just that.


Debbie said...

Beautiful greyhounds, loving adopters, wonderful volunteers, what a GREAT DAY!!!!

Carol Ann said...

I helped load these pups on the hauler down here in Florida last night. What a treat it was to come here and see photos of them getting off the hauler in Virginia!! Have a wonderful life babies - it looks like you have terrific forever families!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't believe this was over a week ago! Canuspareatwenty--renamed Charlie is doing so great--he's curious but mellow with our cats, getting more and more affectionate with us and definitely showing his couch potato self. We are still so charmed up by getting to know him more each day. This was the beginning of what will be a wonderful family member. Thank you, everyone who helped--your kindness and knowledge are greatly appreciated--especially by us newbies ;)