Friday, January 9, 2009

Boys Who Care

Since adopting Ginger & Abby, two retired racing greyhounds, the Thorne family's life has not been the same. They have discovered how much this breed means to them and they want to do all they can to help save more retired racers. Zach Thorne ( 6 years old) decided he wanted to do his part to help the hounds and quickly came up with a plan. Zach decided he would collect money to help the greyhounds in Orlando. He began with donating money he had been saving for a long time. Zach's younger brother, Corey,was in the giving spirit too. He quickly broke into his piggy bank and donated his hard earned money as well.

Zach also collected money from friends and family. What a wonderful surprise it was for VAGA when we opened a card from the Thorne family to find a very kind note, accompanied by a check representing the personal donations by Zach and Corey, as well as the money Zach worked so hard to collect.

VAGA thanks you Zach and Corey. The money will help feed the dogs in Florida and provide medicine if they get sick. You are very caring and loving boys. We know your parents are extremely proud of you both. We are too. Ginger and Abby are so lucky to have such a wonderful family to take care of them.

We can't wait to see you boys at the next VAGA event so we can give you lots of hugs and a big HIGH FIVE!!! Also, please give our thanks to all of your friends and family members who also donated to help the greyhounds.


Lynn Thorne said...

We're so happy we are part of VAGA. Thanks so much for all you do for these wonderful dogs!
The Thorne Family

Bethanie and Chris said...

It is winderful to see people instilling the value of philanthropy and generosity in their children.

Great job Zach and Corey!