Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eleven by Eight

Coming up on Saturday are eleven hounds, arriving around 8am, heading for their new homes.
A hauler will be dropping off 6 in Fredericksburg. The remaining 5 will continue their journey to our neighbors
up north in Canada. Four in the Fredericksburg group have homes with two going into foster. Their names are:
Boc's Luckycharm, Bubby Suzy, Tango Two Step, Ricos Haley, Dublin Byrne, and Catys Buggy.
Welcome to VAGA and a safe journey to all.

I need a Forever Home!


My name is Electra. I am a retired racing greyhound. I ran as fast as I could for almost three years. Once my racing career was completed, I became a blood donor dog for four long years. I lived 24/7 in a kennel at the vet's office.
My life has changed again as I am being loved and cared for in a nice adoption kennel in Orlando Florida. The people here are very nice and they keep telling me one day soon I may live in a "house". I do not know what a house is. I'm guessing it is a very special place.

I have always gotten along with other dogs and just the other day a furry thing named a cat came to visit me. I did not pay much attention to the cat. The cat seemed friendly. I hope I'll be able to live with one in the future. That would make me happy!

I don't like to brag but I am a very pretty female. Look at my beautiful eyes! I will only be turning seven years old in February. I played with toys today for the first time, boy was it fun! I promise I will love you forever if you will take me home.

E-mail the nice ladies at Virginia Greyhound Adoption ( if you want to know more about me. Trust me, I am a caring gal who will love you forever!
Thank you!