Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Safe and Sound

All present and accounted for. Since I was unable to attend the arrival of the latest members joining VAGA, I will let the photos tell the story. After all, a picture is always worth a thousand words.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Virginia here we come!

This Saturday ( May 16th) eight greyhounds will be arriving in Virginia! We look forward to every haul that we pull together but this one is extra special. Four of the greyhounds arriving have waited a very long time for a forever home. They have spent years at a breeding farm after they were retired from racing.

We would like to introduce you to brothers Timmy & Tommy. They will be 7 years old in August. The brothers will be living together in a wonderful home outside of Richmond. Their new family anxiously awaits the arrival of their handsome boys. Michelle will meet Pat, the hauler, in Richmond and do their adoption. She'll take lots of pictures to share with us all.

Next... meet Bold Breeze, better known as Bunny. She will be celebrating her 10th birthday on May 29th. Can you imagine how grand this birthday is going to be for her! She is being adopted by a very loving couple who plan to spoil Bunny everyday!

We also are happy to introduce you to Greyson ( formally known as Doublecross). Greyson just turned 9 in January. He is a perfect little boy. Greyson will have a greyhound sister in his forever home and his new mom is such a nice person. She has been waiting for over 4 weeks for Greyson's homecoming.

Finding fabulous homes for these four senior greyhounds has been a honor for VAGA. We know the senior greyhounds are the gems of the breed. We would like to thank the three kind families that are opening their hearts and homes to these beautiful hounds. You are special people and we wish you all the best.

Of course, we also are very excited to meet the other four greyhounds on this haul. Back Pay, Driven By Alomar, Mulberry Maxine and Beth Speller are all love bugs! They are gorgeous hounds with lots of love to give.

Please keep Pat and all the greyhounds in your thoughts as they make their way north. They will be leaving Orlando Friday evening and will arrive in Virginia very early Saturday morning. Thank you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knuckles - The Little Grey that thought HE could

If you watched the CBS Morning Show clip on the left, you saw a 10 month old tripod named Knuckles. When asked about his missing leg, his owners were gracious in their response and said it was lost due to a blood infection. End of story? If you had heard of Knuckles back in September of 2008 you would say "Not hardly".

Knuckles was 14 weeks old when I first heard about him in September 2008. He and other puppies had been removed from a farm where they were being seriously neglected. The manager of the new farm reported that they were dehydrated, infested with worms, mal-nourished and some of them, injured. They had not had any vet care.

This is when a dedicated group of volunteers at Greyhound Rescue and Rehab stepped in. Knuckles (who was believed to have a fractured leg) and four other pups were GURed on a 15 hour trip to Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center in Bedford, NY.

Without the care of Dr. Robert Hart, his staff and the many dedicated volunteers, you would not have seen the dog Knuckles has become on that CBS morning Show clip. Against all odds, the little grey that thought he could, got himself that forever home he deserved in Connecticut. Without ever stepping a paw on a track he became a winner. Way to go Knuckles.

To read about Knuckles full story CLICK HERE
See his Photo Gallery HERE

Editors Note: There are days when I get up and wonder, as you may have, if what I do makes any difference. With so many greys and so limited resources it seems such an uphill battle. Then along comes a Knuckles and a Samson back in '05 and you get involved again, the picture clears up a bit and you say to yourself yes. This is why we do it, this is the satisfaction we receive. I have long ago resigned myself that saving them all is unrealistic. It is these stories that rights the ship, that energizes my soul. This is what changes the world for that one greyhound.