Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in Middleburg

VAGA had the pleasure of marching in the Middleburg Parade on Dec 4th. We had a blast! The weather was cold but sunny and the greyhounds were definitely a crowd pleaser. Many people asked us about the breed and we were very happy to share with them how special the greyhounds can be. Here are just a few pictures taken by photographer, Jeff Mauritzen. Jeff is a professional photographer with inPhotograph. He and his wife are owned by Sasha( a pretty female greyhound).

There are plenty more awesome pictures available to see on Jeff's website. Please click HERE and enjoy the pictures. They are beautiful and are a testament to the fun time we all had!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I'm a little late with this one. Here are five December presents that arrived yesterday safe and sound.
A big thanks to Lynda and Joel for the one day round trip saving Santa some room on his sled.
The early presents are: AMF Casino Cruze, El Kan Drake, Goodbye Zest, Kenbob Naomi, and Nina's Kango.
Welcome to your first Christmas.

Christmas Parade Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 4, 2010

About 40 greyhounds and their respective owners came out for this years Annual Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. While still a cold one, the weather was better than the last few years. If you wonder why we subject ourselves and our greys to these elements, take them somewhere with you and be surprised how many people say "were you the ones in the parade?" We may not top those Clydesdale's as number one but were working on it. Here are a few photos that were taken.If anyone who was there has more please send them to us. We'll be happy to put them up.