Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Last Haul (Update)

There was a last minute change for this haul. Heartbraker was unable to make the trip due to an infection. We wish him a speedy recovery. In his place, a 9 year old farm dog named Miz Conn, did make the trip and was adopted along with fellow adoptee Geez Drama Queen. Both are now enjoying the same forever home. A big thanks to Joel for bringing the gang up from South Carolina under less than perfect driving and weather conditions. Enjoy the slideshow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Days Ahead For Miz Conn

Miz Conn, the 9 year old greyhound that has waited all these years for a home, finally got her wishes. After racing, having pups and living at the farm, her dreams have come true. She was adopted on Saturday by a wonderful family in Fredericksburg, VA. She will also have a greyhound sister to play with named Luna. Now, our goal is to find a forever home for Miz Conn's brother, Hey Deputy Ben.