Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Night with Dr. Couto

If you've never heard of Dr. Couto he is the veterinary equivalent of the Dog Whisperer. When he speaks you can't help but listen. He is articulate, intelligent, captivating, accessible, and down to earth. If it has to do with greyhounds, there is no better source for medical information. Dr. Guillermo Couto is a DVM Diplomate ACVIM, and professor at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences of the Ohio State University. Dr. Couto is a world-renown veterinarian, with speaking engagements around the world. He is a leading researcher fighting osteosarcoma in greyhounds. We have put links in the left hand column to the Greyhound Wellness Program at Ohio State University, and encourage you to check them out.
The 3rd R.O.C. Dessert party was held April 12. It's sole purpose is to raise funds to continue Dr. Couto's work at OSU. I'm not good with estimates, but it appeared to be a crowd of over 80 people in attendance. There were desserts for everyone's taste. Door prizes, raffles, and plenty of auction items decorated the Pup N' Iron in Stafford, Va. Hounds were welcome and it seemed at least 20 showed up, along with our mascot for the event "Abbey."

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