Sunday, June 15, 2008

Celtic Festival

Several volunteers and their dogs came out today for the Celtic Festival. The day started out with beautiful weather but ended with a torrential downpour. It was hot and humid but the dogs worked very, very hard and their donation jackets were overflowing with money. They attracted quite a crowd of people whether they were lying on beds under the tent or walking the grounds of the festival.

The afternoon volunteers weren’t at the tent 10 minutes when a huge storm came upon us. We all huddled under the tent trying to keep it from blowing away. Perry and Halle were amazing with all the thunder, lightning and wind. They snuggled together on a dog bed during the storm. Once everything slowed down, everyone helped to disassemble the area. Unfortunately, many of the volunteers did not have a chance to enjoy the festival due to the weather but we are looking forward to next year's event. Thanks to all the volunteers and the many people who supported this event.


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