Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet Pat C Hindsight

Look at this beautiful male greyhound, Pat C Hindsight. He had been waiting for a home since March 2007.He has an amazing personality. He is calm, loving and a true gentleman. He was a " not cat safe, black male" and that made his wait for a home extra long. He finally found a wonderful forever home. Hindsight can now enjoy his retirement!


Anonymous said...

That's my Mr. Heiney! He was our foster for so long - we miss him around the house but we're glad that he's found a wonderful home of his own now. He was such a good boy. Is he still sitting for you? He was my best "sitter" ever.

Suzi Stevens - GPA/GO

LorieB said...

I just found this site and want to tell you that Hindight, now known as Cole, is doing very well! I adopted him last year and he is now living with me and my family in Durham, NC. He even has his own pal, Lucia, a beagle mix, who worships the ground he walks on and loves to play with him. Cole is the most laid back greyhound I have ever had, is wonderful with my 2 year old granddaughter and loves Sunday playgroup. He is a joy!

Lorie Broomhall