Saturday, November 29, 2008


I found this story fitting since Debbie is in Scooby Medina and arrived there the day this video was shot.

On Nov. 21st, Maria Daines did a benefit concert for SOS Galgos in Barcelona. The following is a quote from her email:

"On the day after the event we went for a walk on the beach with many
of SOS Galgos rescue dogs and that's where we met the precious galgo
named 'Wonder', she is blind but you would not believe it if you met
her, she is loveable, intelligent, happy, sweet natured, and now, the
best part of all, she has her own family because she has been adopted
and they love her very much. Of all the special memories we took home
with us from the trip, meeting Wonder and her family is something we
will always treasure and even thinking about it now I have a lump in
my throat."