Sunday, April 12, 2009

The "Ultimate Buckeye"

Articulate, captivating, intelligent, down to earth, just a few of the accolades I will use to describe a man who can mesmerize a room full of people. He is the man I call the "Ultimate Buckeye". The near mention of his name in the greyhound community opens a floodgate of responses from "what can I do to help", to "where can I hear him speak". Over 60 people on an Easter weekend, and donated items from around the country and aboard, helped make the "Lick Canine Cancer" event a most memorable evening. This man who works with greyhounds, this man who touches so many of us, because of what he represents to us "HOPE" is Dr. Guillermo Couto. This is my third opportunity to hear Dr. Couto speak. Each time he comes back with new information on different programs and studies, relevant on some level, to every greyhound owner. You cannot leave one of his presentations without asking yourself "when does this man sleep". From blood studies, cancer research, teaching, travelling and everything in between, it would be hard to find a more dedicated individual.

On behalf of myself, the VAGA membership, and guests, thank you Dr. Couto for all you do. Thank you for inviting us to take a look into the world of the "Greyhound Health and Wellness Program". Most of all, thank you for gracing us with your attendance at this event.

For more information on the Ohio State University Greyhound Health and Wellness Program, as well as Dr. Couto and his Hound Team, links are available for you in the left sidebar. 100% of the proceeds from this event goes to support this program.

In closing, as with any event, none of this would have been possible without an outstanding group of volunteers. Their time, support, efforts, and dedication are what made this evening what it was. Thanks to you all.

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