Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Shoebox Fundraiser

We wanted to pass along this letter received from our friends down at GPA-GO:

To ALL of our extended family at VAGA ....

Santa Paws came to visit us yesterday, with a huge, and we mean H-U-G-E, sack over "his" shoulder. Of course, we were all very excited, because we've heard that Santa brings greyt things to Kennel Kuties who have been good all year. Aces ... we all knew that we have been exceptionally good all year ... well, there was that time that Moondog pulled AweMan's blanket halfway thru to his crate, and Washita did dig a little hole in the side yard that required a dump truck full of gravel to fill in (she did find a really cool rock, though'!), and okay, okay ... so RangeFire's aim is -uh hum- a little off - little Lilac didn't seem to mind her bath too much! All in all, though, our Kennel Moms and Dad say we are the BEST kids anywhere, so we knew something wonderful just had to be in Santa's sack for us!
W-O-W!!!! Our favorite! We were sooooo thrilled with our wonderful, new rope toys Ours were gettin' kind of worn from all of the playing and washing! But then, Santa started pulling out these humongous knuckle bones! Whooo hooo, those babies were the size of bowling balls!!!! And, best of all, there was a bone for each one of us! Just when we decided Santa must have hit the Powerball, Santa confessed that our Christmas goodies really didn't come from as far away as the North Pole, but from our wonderful friends in Virginia-who we lovingly call VAGA! We wanted to thank you, but since our paws are too big for the keyboard, most of us can't spell very good, and we'd have to be REALLY careful with RangeFire around electrical devices --hee hee-- we asked our Kennel Moms to type what is in our hearts ....

Thank you for remembering us, and making our Christmas so special. We just love our rope toys, and our delicious-BIG-bones. We haven't stopped chewing since Santa gave them to us yesterday! Thank you EVERYONE at VAGA for working so hard all year, so that we can have a forever home with families who will love us just as much as everyone here at GPA/GO loves us. Thank you for your love, friendship, and support over the years, and most important of all, thank you .... for thinking WE are worth it ...

RangeFire! Not on the computerrrrrrrrrrrrrrwdjasdfu98qnegea45368t -348]4 5tq rgh d8uy06r -y3yt83tu sssssssssssssss ...

With much love,
The Kennel Kuties
Greyhound Pets of America/Greater Orlando

Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this the big success that it was.You brought a lot of cheer to those still waiting for a forever home.

To see and read more, check out the GPA-GO website HERE

There are also a couple of short videos you can see HERE and HERE

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Life With Dogs said...

Now that warms the heart!

Happy holidays! :)