Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Round for the Hounds 2010

Each year it becomes more difficult to come up with new material for this event. Each year I am continually surprised as to the number of people who continue to support us both financially and with almost countless donations. Each year brings different challenges as well as rewards. Each year this event helps us maintain our commitment. That commitment is what drives us all. The benefactors may be in your home right now, laying on a sofa enjoying the good life. They may still be in a kennel somewhere in Florida, or as I am writing this, on there way up I95 to a home near you. Wherever they are, if they could speak, they would certainly be thanking you. However they cannot, but one just has to look into their eyes, to peer into their souls to know how much they appreciate what is done for them. So we continue to have this event. We put up with all it entails, the good, the bad, and the ugly because the need is so great. We also do it because the reward is so satisfying.

Once again I must thank everyone who helped make this event so successful. Our sponsors, the numerous business in our community whose donations fuel the raffle, our volunteers (Greyhound people just ROCK) and the golfers. These guys and gals come out every year, regardless of weather, and continue to support us. We greatly appreciate your commitment and generosity.

Now to the Golfing winners.

First Place, with a score of 57: Furtado, Gordon, Kidd, Montemayor
Second Place with a score of 59: Blue, Blue, Flemming, Foley
Third Place with a score of 63: Ford, Hardy, Hicks, Rabe

Longest Drive: Brenda Blue
Closest to the pin: Harold Ford

Congratulations to you all.

As always, there is another group of winners who would like to extend their thanks:

It is that group of greyhounds whose lives you just changed.

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