Sunday, August 9, 2009

The August 15th Haul

Okay everyone, it seems I just put up the post for the last haul and here we go again.
You'll hear no complaints from me or anyone else at VAGA. The more the merrier.

Summer is generally slow in the adoption business and we're happy to buck that trend.
The five latest are: RJ's Ethel, Billy Talent, Cmon Mini, Starz Reesee, and Leta's Ginger.
We're extremely happy to welcome them to VAGA. Wish them a safe
(and hopefully not to hot) journey into town next Saturday.

1 comment:

alex said...

What a good looking group of hounds. Alaina had her heart set on Mini coming to visit us. I saw that Gossip girl was "pending" too- another greyt looking girl!!