Monday, August 10, 2009

Greyhound Guardian Angel “Smiley Miley” Fusillo

An important message from Miley:

"Shortly after I was adopted by Robert and Niki Fusillo in December 2008, my brand new family suffered a life-changing event when my Dad was the victim of a terrible accident. Six months in the hospital has been hard on all of us, especially my Dad, but he is finally making progress and we hope that he may come home to us soon.

You can help offset the extraordinary medical expenses incurred by participating in a raffle fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to help provide revenue for some of my Dad’s special needs when he can finally leave the hospital. There is an special grand prize offered to the winner of the raffle, but more importantly – you can help bring my beloved Dad back home to me. I promise to watch over him and heal his soul, in return for the gift of life that he gave me when he rescued me from the racing kennels."

This is just an excerpt from a story running on our website the past couple of months. Please take the time to read the entire story HERE. Complete details are listed there. If there is anyway you can help out Miley's adopted family it would be greytly appreciated. Please pass this story on.

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