Saturday, November 14, 2009

7 Swans a Swimming

Hardly swans, but in the spirit of the upcoming holidays these 7 new greys will receive the best gift possible, a forever home. Coming up next Saturday the 21st are VAGA's 7 newest members. They are: Backwood Diva, Backwood Sondra, Bow Legacy, Fort Leavenworth, Gotcha Jethtro, MGs Veronica, and Spare Key. This group has a mix of guys, gals. and even a pair of sisters (kind of makes me think of White Christmas).
So, let's get them up, load them up and send them up the road next week. We will all be waiting to give you a happy holiday greeting.

Wish them a safe journey home.


nick ooh la said...

(whistle) Jethro is sooooooo handsome!

-Nicholas and Stephanie Burke

arguskd said...

As the future 'Mamma' of Blackwood Diva and Sondra, I'd just like to say that these gals are in for the
treat of a are fluffed, treats have been bought, work schedules changed for adoption day, names selected for these two gals: Kallisto (Diva) and Zoe (Sondra) we impatiently wait for the bus...hope to see you there! Wishing all the greys a safe, safe trip up North!