Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home for the Holidays

The 7 swans and a trio of grey riders named Madge,Pauline, and Bluff have all made it safe to Virginia. These guys and gals have had a long day with a long ride and yet, bounced out of those vans with their greatest asset, the ability to adapt to almost anything, in full display. Why this still amazes me I don't know. Each group seems to develop it's own character on a haul and no two groups seem to be alike. Each grey has it's own background. No matter how checkered or how bad it may have been, it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

So happy holidays to the newest 7 and the 3 grey riders. Safe continuing travel to the Backwood Sisters, who as of this writing, are on the final leg of their journey home.

Edited: The Backwood Sisters made it home safe and sound and were immediately spoiled.

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