Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hot town, summer in the city

Okay it wasn't in the 90's but it must have felt good to the gang of greys at the Route 3 Fredericksburg Petco today (either that or I missed the memo on an unscheduled parade). So many rolled through I lost count around 30. In fairness, who could blame them. After months of being couped up at home, they finally had decent weather in which to come out. There was plenty of sniffing going on, it was hard trying to locate old friends among the newcomers. This was a well behaved crowd which searched for anyone with a free hand to catch a pet or scratch. No child was left behind as there was never a shortage of greys to exchange pets and kisses. Late in the day there was even a party crasher named Moon Pie, who thought this was an ALL greyhound event, not just retired racers. We decided to let her hang out with the big guys anyway.
Greyhound cam was in working mode all day. Enjoy the slides.

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