Friday, March 26, 2010

Mid-Week Haul

Early Tuesday morning, VAGA picked up four happy greyhounds.They hitched a ride along with 16 other greyhounds that were headed north. Just think, twenty greyhounds moving on to forever homes! WONDERFUL!!!

Two greyhounds who missed the last haul, Boc's Buckmaster and Gooddaystarshine, were able to join the haul this time around. Buck is now with his family in Richmond and Star is going to her home in Alexandria in the morning.

A & D Walpole joined her family tonight in Fredericksburg and JC It's a Sara is being adopted tomorrow. She is going to be reunited with her mother, U Too Hopsing ( now Harper). We will post some pictures of mommy and daughter in the near future.

Having dogs arrive mid-week made things a little difficult. We would like to send our thanks and hugs to our awesome foster families. Thank you Kristen & Gyeong, Alice & Bob and Lorie and Larry ( who took in two greyhounds). You helped make this happen!!!

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