Thursday, July 3, 2008

Belmont Club of Women Invite The Greyhounds To Visit

On July 2nd, VAGA was asked to speak to around 125 women about Greyhounds and Greyhound Adoption. Linda Coble and I brought Harry and Gracie along for the women to meet. It was a big success! The Belmont Club of Women is an active service club consisting of 125 members.They hold monthly business meetings, which include some type of activity, whether it is a guest speaker, a trip or a luncheon event. The women raise money to give back to the communities around Lake Anna. All the women enjoyed learning about the greyhound breed and LOVED meeting Harry & Gracie. Both greyhounds did VAGA proud as they were perfect angels during our presentation.

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Linda said...

What a GREYT event. I really enjoyed attending with Debbie. I believe that we have found a new avenue to let people know about this wonderful breed. Debbie did a fantastic job speaking to these ladies. Deb has a gift that she doesn't know she has! Gracie and Harry were GREYT ambassadors for VAGA. Linda