Monday, July 14, 2008

Five Greyhounds Will Be Headed North Soon!

This Saturday, July 19th , five wonderful greyhounds will be arriving from Orlando ready to begin their new lives. Details of the haul are still in the works as we speak but we wanted to share the names of those making their way up to Virginia! Please meet Jimbo Danny, CNN News Flash, Hfk Chloe,Rc Run Round Sue and Lamorge Diamond. As you can see, we mixed it up this time. Three weeks ago the haul consisted of 5 greyhounds and they just happened to all be brindle. Since we match up greyhounds by personality and not by color...that happens sometimes.
Please keep this awesome group of greyhounds and all the haul drivers in your thoughts as they help to bring these hounds north. The first set of volunteers will be leaving the GPA Orlando Kennel Friday night and will drive to North Carolina. Rex & Linda Coble will be waiting for their arrival and will transport them up to Virginia.
Thank you and Safe trip!

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Anonymous said...

To all involved on this haul... Drive low and slow... You are in are hearts and prayers...

Welcome Home JB!!!